rediscovering your professional passion

Not to go all Jerry Maguire on everyone, but I feel like I am rewriting my professional mission statement. This is going to be honest.

I’m ready for a change.
I like lots of things about my present professional situation… But I need to be passionate about my professional situation.
Not the all-consuming, take-over-your-life-and-ignore-your-family kind of passion… But a passion where I wake up in the morning and am exctied about what I’ll be doing that day.
And I know not every day can be perfect… But I need to get rid of that “Groundhog Day” feeling.

And I don’t think this feeling is limited to education. Anyone else?

When I first started teaching, I signed up for every training or workshop I heard about. I read all sorts of books and I came to work every day with some sort of new idea for my classroom. I was on top of everything my district had to offer. It felt fresh and new and exciting.

I realize that my personal maturity has had an effect on my professional experience as well. Getting married and having two beautiful babies shifts my priorities, but doesn’t eliminate them. I now realize that the educational system is more than just 4 walls of a classroom. There is a lot more to understand than just the curriculum.

I work for a great school district at a great campus with great colleagues. But I have been with my great school district, great campus, and great colleagues for 10 years. And regardless of how wonderful it is, sometimes you just need some “new”. I’m not talking about a new job or a new position, but mostly new information and new ideas. If nothing else, I want to know how someone else does it. How does someone else teaching far away from me handle struggling students, incorporate technology into instruction, involve parents, etc. I feel like I know how my district and campus would respond to these problems. And those responses from my district and campus are not bad. They are just not the the only reponses available.

I want, no wait, I HAVE to learn more.

So, I started reading. A lot. And not in books.I have poured over blogs and on-line journals and magazine articles and websites and twitter and well… you get the idea.

Technology is changing education. and not just in how a lesson is delivered in a classroom. With all due respect to my district and my colleagues, I have learned more in the past two weeks of my own personal “quest” than I have in the past year or so with the professional development required by contract. You see, the information brought to me is not enough. I have to SEEK new things. And THIS will reignite my professional passion.

So this will be my little place to share what I learn. And please share with me. Have you ever felt this way about your profession? What did you do? Please leave a comment if you have any tips!


One response to “rediscovering your professional passion

  1. I’ve been thinking about this post for the past day and here is my suggestion: teach. But instead of teaching students…teach teachers. You would be an excellent professor at a university, or community college (I’ve heard the benefits are amazing)…or even being a keynote speaker or on a panel at a national conference. Sometimes you can impact the most children by impacting their teachers. Thoughts?

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