still exploring

So, I started reading. And now I can’t stop. And you KNOW what happens when you start to read. You might actually encounter new ideas and learn something (GASP!)

All sarcasm aside, how did I not know about all this stuff? If you are like me, you need to see the big picture, to really understand what the issues are and where things are headed. {In fact, I often focus too much on the big picture and neglect some of the details. Anyway, let me re-focus.}

I came across this video that uses the audio of Sir Ken Robinson. I really enjoy it because it has a visual component, an animated version of his words. And for this visual learner, that is a plus. But above all else, his message truly makes sense. You need to watch it. Sorry to be bossy, but do it. watch this. I won’t apologize for the 12 minute length, because it is ONLY 12 MINUTES!

I often think about this as people talk about why things are or how we should fix them. First of all, are we really looking at the cause or simply recognizing a correlation (thank you, M Ed Statistics class!). Then, once we think we know what the cause is, are we really solving the problem or just addressing the symptoms that accompany the problem? Is the problem with the current educational system the actual system itself? um, maybe yes. And then who will propose a new system? Will it even be comprehensible to those of us “in education”? To accept that all aspects of the way we do things are outdated and not providing the education our students need?

please excuse the rambling, but that’s what happens when I start to read. ha!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. What did you think about his perspectives on ADHD? I may have had my own little “Oprah lightbulb moment”. Read others’ comments and tell what you think about those.


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