Bloom’s DIGITAL taxonomy

blah, blah, blah. we all know about Bloom’s taxonomy. But in light of all I have been reading about digital media and educating today’s digital kiddos, I found this very interesting.
Makes sense, right? I think so. I mean, as educators we are often overwhelmed with the technology equipment and not really sure how to use it meaningfully in the classroom. I cannot stand doing something just to do it. Let’s make sure we have a point, an objective in mind, and a clear understanding of how the technology will help our students develop their higher order thinking skills.
You can use lots of cool tools in a very non-meaningful way. Again, as education is changing, we must focus on the how and why, not just the what.
thoughts? I know I have found myself thinking my lesson and activity was great because I was using technology. It turns out that I was really doing a disservice to my students and not promoting their critical thinking skills at all!
Please share any ways you have meaningfully incorporated technology into your instruction and how your students’ critical thinking skills were addressed.

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