here it comes!

Well, it’s that time of year again. We have officially entered the “state proficiency exam” PANIC! I absolutely detest this time of year. It makes me grouchy. It makes my students grouchy. It makes my co-workers grouchy.

And it’s not that I mind the test. I mean, honestly, if a student is really learning and proficient and what they do, then the test should not be hard for them. {and yes, I realize that there are exceptions to this statement}.

What REALLY gets me is that all of a sudden, many teachers {and I’ll admit, I am often included} decide that the students needs sooo much intervention, and sooo much small group instruction, and sooo many targeted lessons, etc. You get the idea. And most of them ARE really great ideas. But here is the kicker….. wait for it….

If we suddenly have ALL these great ideas to help our students, why weren’t we doing them ALL YEAR LONG? Why can’t we be as intense and purposeful with our instruction in October as we are in March?

I made a resolution this year. I would not stress out about it. I was going to try really hard and not stress my students out about it. It’s worked… sorta.

And next year will be even better. I will be as purposeful and data-driven in my instruction all year long and not feel like I missed something along the way. Our students deserve nothing less than that from us every day.

What about you? Do state assessments have an effect on your school?


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