change.. it’s not about you, it’s about students

I came across the following in a post on Trinity School’s Notes from the Leadership Team :

Somehow through the plethora of changes that surround and engulf us – we expect school to stay constant, to remain immune to world forces, to be almost outside of time.

To be blunt about it, that kind of constancy does a disservice to children, because it is blind to reality.

The deep traditions that Trinity holds to are different, and indeed lasting: respect, character, responsibility, integrity, and more. Certainly reading, writing, calculating, and basic skills are a must. But when education practices remain conventional solely because “we’ve always done it that way,” children are the ones paying the price. We may think our own education was good enough because we’re successful as adults. Look at the job market, however, the grimly competitive nature of college admissions, the kind of innovative thinking required in international corporations or small start-up companies. The world has moved on, and will keep on doing so.

I had an experience this week that made this quote so important to me. The changing world around us and our need to adopt those changes is often met with resistance by some educators. And that bothers me. Education is not about the educator, it’s about the student. And what the student needs. And what is best for the student. Period. The end.


Have you encountered resistant colleagues? I would love to hear your thoughts on how to help them adopt a more positive attitude towards change!



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