Game. On.

I’ll be brutally honest. This has been my most difficult and least enjoyable year I have ever had in teaching.
I will spare you all the details, but I have lost my passion, my vision, my burning desire.

And the worst part? I had convinced myself it was not my fault; that it was because of the position I had been put in, the jobs I had been given, etc.
I allowed myself to become completely overwhelmed. I haven’t been on my professional twitter account in months (until 2 hours ago) and so of course, I haven’t participated in any of my favorite twitter chats in way too long. I haven’t read my Zite articles. I haven’t stayed connected. I have forgotten about the bigger picture.

Praise The Lord for winter break. Just what I needed.
Completely disengaged with all things professional.
2 full weeks of my beautiful little family and wonderful friends and good food and lovely drinks.

The result? I have decided I can handle all the madness.
I need to re-engage and create my own learning. I have to. Otherwise, I will go mad.

And most importantly, I have rediscovered the fact that I am the ONLY person that can make this happen. It is both a very powerful and very sobering thought.

I think it will take a little while to regain my mojo, to get my groove back. But I am completely enthralled with the potential of education. I have to be a part of this.

So here’s to 2014! May we all continue to pursue our passions and live in a purposeful way.


One response to “Game. On.

  1. I was much in need of the break myself, so I know how you feel! It has taken me awhile to really wrap my head around how much I need to be responsible for MY OWN learning and professional growth. If I don’t have what I need on site, it is just as easy to network with other teachers in my district, through blogs, and especially through Twitter. I am so much happier – and I believe more effective as a teacher when I do so! I know your MOJO will come back!

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